I am so blessed to be able to connect and share my gifts with such wonderful clients!

Soul Retrieval

Anneleah was incredible! Her ability to connect with the spirits and my soul was truly astounding. I was suffering from a very challenging time professionally and personally. She immediately honed in on the most urgent matter, found the pieces of my shattered soul and brought them back to me. She then provided critical guidance on how to retain the pieces and begin to heal. She opened up the opportunity for me to begin my personal journey. I will be returning for additional guidance. Anneleah is kind, gentle and focused during a very personal and vulnerable process.

— P. Yates, Portland, Oregon

In my lifetime I’ve worked with many therapists, shamans and healers of all sorts, professionals who knew their craft and had the right credentials and tools. I’ve learned a lot, and healed many wounds…but in all these years I’ve never experienced the level of warmth and empathy as I’ve experienced with Anneleah. She is the real deal – a clear channel, comfortable with the Spirit world and able to deliver the messages that were meant for you, personally – yet mixed with her own warmth and compassion. My session with Anneleah left me feeling uplifted and cared for, while gaining many insights into my own life, into my true self. Anneleah is a natural healer, gifted with intuition and insight.

— Shirona L. Portland, Oregon

My soul retrieval with Anneleah felt like a beautiful, warm, mother’s embrace. I felt deeply seen, acknowledged, and celebrated. And the information she shared was life-altering. Just one example: For 18 years I peacefully understood that my mother and I don’t speak the same love language, so even though I didn’t feel loved by my mother, I understood that she did love me. But since our soul retrieval session when Anneleah told me how much my mother loves me and that she just didn’t know how to express it, I finally was able to see and feel my mother in a whole new way; I “got” her. And for the first time in my life, I could actually FEEL my mother’s love for me. I’m 54. She’s 86. What a gift, to heal this ache in my heart while she’s still alive. I feel a whole different kind of peace that is embracing every part of my life. And that’s just ONE of the gifts I got from my soul retrieval. Bless you, Anneleah.

— Vika M, MA

I need to say that meeting with Anneleah for my soul retrieval was a fantastic journey, she was very compassionate and very professional and amazingly accurate, got my soul lost back and I felt so recharge it was so nice to feel the energy coming into me so Vivid so strong, I got some amazing visions and got to meet with my spirit animal he’s so beautiful, I feel that I being bless with the entire beautiful experience it was such a pleasant relief to have her guiding me throughout my journey. Anneleah I can’t thank you enough for the wisdom and help that I received from you. You are a great person with a huge heart. I’ve been searching for this my entire life. My mind is so much clearer now and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring, Anneleah you are the greatest, thank you so much again for helping me, blessings my dear!

— Martin, Portland, Oregon

Animal Communication

Anneleah helped me communicate with my beloved Doberman, Neuquen – giving me the peace of mind that he is well, happy and always in our presence as a spiritual protector and guide. She was able to communicate that he remembers our walks by the lake, and that they were his happiest moments in his life. Until he was 5 years old, we would take afternoon walks with him around a lake near our home, so this was a validation that he was sending through her his message of love and memories. I feel so much at ease now that he is with me and waiting to see us again one day. Thank you Anneleah – you told me so much about Neuquen and now I feel so happy and relieved. Thank you so much!!!

— Malisa N.

Anneleah worked on our new little pup Franklin. He was experiencing some fear around new people, but immediately opened up and started to experience more confidence around our family after Anneleah’s session. Most of all, her perspective into his little puppy psyche has really helped us support his transition into our home. We’re so grateful we reached out.

— Arthur and Adam

I met Anneleah from a mutual friend. My daughter had welcomed a new puppy into their family 3 weeks prior. Daisy completed our family! However, she became very sick. My daughter rushed her into the Vet. Daisy was diagnosed with Parvo. She continued to decline, her fever was still rising. The Veterinarian said after 5 days of being in the hospital and several attempted treatments, prepare to say goodbye. . My daughter and granddaughter called me crying, begging for help! I felt helpless, but instantly I knew in my heart; I had to contact Anneleah. I sent Anneleah a picture of Daisy. The first day her fever dropped. I contacted Anneleah to tell her the news. She performed another session. Within a few hours my daughter received a call. It was a miracle the Vet said. Daisy is eating and playing and wanting to snuggle, and no fever. We were AMAZED, and so THANKFUL! It has been two weeks and Daisy just got to go to her first beach and camping trip. Thank you Anneleah for saving our newest family member.

— Julie L., Gresham, Oregon


While in the hospital recently to remove my gallbladder I was given a medicine that I was allergic to. Although I kept telling the Doctor it made me nauseous and didn’t necessarily take away the pain they continued. The only relief I felt was when my friend Anneleah would do Reiki for me over the phone. I even explained it to the doctor. He did not change my medicine. I went home and Anneleah continued to do Reiki. I believe without these sessions I would not been able to get better. After a session at home I was able to get up and move around and felt better. Blessings to my sweet friend and her gifted healing abilities.

— Jude M., Milwaukie, Oregon

Anneleah has had such a positive impact on my life, in so many ways. I was guided to her during a huge transitional phase in my life, which she helped me with immensely, with hands on healing through the use of Reiki. Most importantly, though, through Reiki, she has done something for me that no one else had been able to. After years of doctors, specialists, and chiropractors I found Anneleah. During one of our appointments, I offhandedly told her that I hadn’t menstruated (and therefore have been told I was totally infertile,) since I was 14 years old. She immediately went to work on me, and wouldn’t you know it, I haven’t had any issues in months since that single appointment. Anneleah has been able to do something for me with her use of Reiki that I’ve been told for years would never happen. I had given up hope of being able to conceive at any point in my life. Thank you so much for everything you do, Anneleah!!!

— Whitney, Portland, Oregon

I’d been having trouble with a pretty bad headache that was affecting my whole body, ability to focus, everything, that had been hanging on for 3 or 4 days. I felt better within minutes of Anneleah’s 5-minute Reiki session (done in late evening) — I could actually FEEL my body changing — and woke up the next morning feeling almost completely normal. I’ve had Reiki before, but nothing even remotely as powerful as this. WOW. Finally I know where to go to get nearly-instant, complete relief.

— Vika M., MA

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