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Spirituality 101 Energy Work
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I am delighted to share with you that I developed a spiritual mentoring program, a 10 week in-depth program to honor the gifts you know you have but are uncertain how to develop, and help you find the best way to fulfill your mission and purpose.

This is a limited program with only approx. 6 students at a time. Please check with me for my current upcoming session. I typically run 3 programs a year that start in January, April, and September. There are no classes held in December, July, or August.

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This exclusive mentoring and teaching program for a limited number of students is to help mentor and guide you to discover your innate gifts and personal direction for this epic time in history. It includes:

•    One “Soul Retrieval” personal deep soul healing session.
•    One 3 hour “Journeying for Self-Care workshop” to learn how to work with your power animal after your soul retrieval.
•    Group teaching sessions once each week for 2 hours (listed below)
•    Monthly Membership invitation into my private group for graduates
•    (2) private one on one sessions for questions and guidance (One hour each)
•    End of the Program graduation.

Through the weeks you will learn many different concepts, Universal laws, ideologies, techniques, and the basics of the different healing modalities, while collecting different skills for your own medicine bag each week. I then help you discover what your passion is…what resonates with you, so you can seek further training if you decide you would like to become a practitioner.


Group Class Session One ~ The Ego/Fear, Sacred Space, Invocations and Protection
Group Class Session Two ~Shamanism 101: How to Journey and learn to work with your Power animals
Group Class Session Three ~ The Four “Clairs” Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance ~ Increasing intuition and sensing energy
Group Class Session Four ~ Connection with Guides, Angels, Power Animals
Group Class Session Five ~ Divination tools: pendulum, scrying, oracle cards and Tarot
Group Class Session Six ~ Basics of channeled and energy healings: Reiki – The Reconnection—ARC–Access Consciousness ~ Animal Communication & Animal Reiki
Group Class Session Seven ~ The Seven Sacred Flames
Group Class Session Eight ~The Vast Universe, Aliens, the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Great White Brotherhood, Kyron, and Abraham-Hicks.
Group Class Session Nine ~ Mental Energy Work: “The Work” Byron Katie, Hypnosis, Affirmations “I AM,” The Emotion Code, Ho’ oponoono, Rapid eye, A Course in Miracles.
Group Class Session Ten ~ 10 week summary, questions/answers and Graduation


Classes are on Sundays at 1:00 pm. We meet as a group class each Sunday at 1:00 pm for 2 hours for a duration of 10 weeks. This class is held in Portland, Oregon in person, or online on Zoom.

The program will start with a private session for a personal Soul Retrieval and then would run for 10 weeks for the classes. After the classes are finished you would have the opportunity to be part of my exclusive private Membership Group (and Face Book page) 

This program is $2000. (paid 1000 upon registration and 1000 at the 5th week OR $1800 if paid in full 2 weeks prior to the session starting).

This mentorship program is limited to approx. 6 students, so that I can focus and be accessible to everyone. 

We always said at “Lightsong” that groups were “Divinely Ordered.” Those who are meant to come together to support each other and learn together will be brought together and there are students who are called to be part of a learning opportunity at certain times…”When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


If you feel a calling and are interested in signing up, please send me an email so we can set up a time to talk to see if this is the right step and fit at this time anneleahjaxen@gmail.com. If this session gets filled you can be divinely ready for my next session!

Exclusive Mentoring Membership

This is a special VIP membership for graduates of my spiritual mentoring program.

It will include the following:
~ (1) live monthly group coaching and mentoring call (replay available)
~ (1) recorded guided meditation
~ (1) monthly group reading

Full details/changes will be forthcoming ~ $39/month

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