Soul Retrieval

What is Soul Retrieval?

Anneleah Jaxen specializes in the healing ceremonies of soul retrieval, in which the shamanic practitioner (medicine woman or man) travels in a trance with her power animal to “non- ordinary” reality to find and retrieve the parts of your soul that have been disassociated from you through trauma and stressful situations. The medicine woman returns these soul pieces, which are your divine essence and the best energetic match for you, because they are part of your own soul. She and the spirits assist you in reintegrating this divine essence so you can return to wholeness and vitality.

Preparing for Your Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a profound healing process that begins on the day you make the appointment. You can participate significantly in your own healing through preparation, being present and doing some follow-up self-care. Your belief and desires for the healing process all contribute to long-term expansion and continued enhancement of your wellbeing.

Setting Healing Intentions for Yourself

To prepare for the session, it is important you have intentions that you can articulate for healing. What are your deepest desires? Listen to your heart about what it is you wish to heal. Write out your healing intention.

Preparing an Offering to the Spirits

You will be making an offering to the spirits when you come to your session. is offering is a way of showing respect and honor to the spirits who will be working with you to bring healing. This gift should be from your heart in deepest gratitude. Put together your offering in your own personal way with reverence for the sacredness of the work that is beginning and bring it to your appointment.

Some ideas for a small offering are:

• A small bundle made up of red cloth, wrapped around one or more
o erings to the spirits such as tobacco, cornmeal, coconut or sun ower
seeds, and secured with string.

• A small arrangement of owers, fruit, nuts, in any combination or alone.
Your healing intention should be attached to your gi . We will place this on the altar during our session together. A erwards, you will take the offering home with you to disperse in nature on the land near your home.

Thank you for the honor of working with you on your journey in this life! I look forward to our session. ~Anneleah

In one of my shamanic journeys, Chief Red Cloud named me Wanacha Ska, (literally White Flower), the Lakota name of this South Dakota Plains prairie ower.

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