Anneleah Jaxen

Medicine Woman | Energy Healer
Psychic Reader for People and Animals

My passion is to uplift, motivate and inspire…and I love to help relieve suffering. So whatever your need is, I have no doubt you were lead to my page to find me, for everything is “on purpose” and I am happy you are here.

I am Anneleah Jaxen, an everyday woman…a mother, a grandmother…a former business executive…a writer, motivational speaker, swing dancer…spiritual seeker, teacher, Hypnotist, Reiki Master. I am a Medicine Woman and I work with the Christ and Holy Spirit.

Like many people I have endured personal tragedy. Everything from a challenging childhood, been the recipient of severe criminal activity, buried my first true love, navigated the trials of divorce, suffered from the political agendas in my career…Betrayal of every kind…we all have some variation of this…It is the human condition.

Through it all I refused to allow any of it to defeat me or reduce me. Instead I studied the ways of spirit, energy, frequency, light, love and vibration. I sought wisdom and was determined to keep moving forward.

My mission is to use everything I am, and everything I know, to uplift, motivate and inspire…and most of all to relieve suffering.

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